Every memory I can recall has a sound, a note, a song…

the days of my childhood, back when my father used to drive me to the mountains in summer time, listening to jazz and classical music.
It was inspiring and at that time as it is today, even if music consumption today seems to make it less precious.
Pigmento is my asylum, the supportive friend to rely on in times of waiting, disillusion, joy, sadness, hope
A collaborative music project I share with multi-instrumentalist Stefano and few other friends who join us sporadically.

In the summer of 2012 I finally released Pigmento's debut album, The Grid Line.
If you like the songs, please support and buy a copy.

Thank you very much, 

The Grid Line Music


The Grid line is Pigmento's debut work.
It was made by me and Stefano, with the help of Maria, Antonio and Nicola.
Consider This, Sleepless and It Never Comes To An End are very old songs I used to play with my old band Greensells already at the end of 90s.
Between 2007 and 2012 I wrote 4 more songs: Ciliegio, Zenzero, Crafty Man and Morning Flowers . I asked Stefano to include his song "Factory And A City" to the final tracklist. 

We worked really hard playing and recording the album throughout 5 years. Stefano mixed it at Corner Studio between 2011 and 2012. The final stage was performed by Franz Fabiano, who mastered our debut during spring 2012. It was finally released in the summer of 2012 (01 July 2012). 
A special thank goes to Francesca for her cover artwork.

I printed a limited edition of 50 digipak cd. After 2 years, few copies are left.  If you like one, contact me or come to the next concert.

The Grid Line Team


 - vocals, acoustic guitar 
STEFANO PAVANATI - acoustic/electric guitars, 12-string acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, drums, melodica
MARIA ROBAEY - violin on “Sleepless” 
ANTONIO NOVENTA - leading piano on “Consider This” 
NICOLA BRUNELLI - final piano on “Consider This”

FRANZ FABIANO - mastering session