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Song number 6 from Opeland Sessions. "We used to talk hours and hours about this, we discussed it everywhere, we reformulate the questions and still we could not understand the other people, the spiral hurt people hurt people... but we ended up understanding each other, my friend. Consider this.."


In the summer of 2012 Pigmento's debut album, named The Grid Line, was finally released.
In the end of year 2013 Pigmento put voice and drums to the song Trust, by  the Berlin based musician Hans Sølo, which has been released in 2014.
In the spring of 2014 the single 'Consider This' has been chosen as New Hit by Italian web radio Reset Radio. Pigmento played among cherry trees and wine cellars, clubs and villas.

Every memory I can recall has a sound, a note, a song, a sonance…

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. That happens since the days of my childhood, back when my father used to drive me to the mountains in summer time, listening to jazz and classical music. Three hours of driving and gazing outside, making me thinking about how to cross the mountains.
Pigmento is my asylum, the supportive friend to rely on in times of waiting, disillusion, joy, sadness, hope

Pigmento is a collaborative music project I share with multi-instrumentalist Stefano Pavanati (Green Green Artichokes and many other side projects), featuring contributions of such talented musicians as the violinist Maria Robaey, comic authors as illustrator Francesca Schivazappa and other talents who join us sporadically. 

If you like the songs please help the project grow, invite us playing or buy digital or cd copies of our songs.

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