Biography Filippo

I have been working on Pigmento Music songs for many years, since lost and long gone days of my youth, the nineties. Back in time I see myself as a young guy frenetically writing and re-writing plots I had in mind.
It could be a song, a movie, a video, a letter.  Everything I could write on a train, on a bus, at home. I still put pen to paper, whatever the purpose.
It still makes sense to me. Pigmento is the direct result of my efforts. I never could have made it without the help of all the people who believed in my music and my song-writing. Stefano has made a big difference.
He’s the creative mind behind most Pigmento arrangements. I have known Stefano for quite a long time as I was interested by his music and everything that was somehow connected with it.
I could not offer him nothing but very poor equipment and almost no cash for renting a studio.
We recorded almost everything at Corner Studio and it was exciting for both of us as it was the first time we did it on our own.Antonio and Nicola were so kind to help me with the piano sessions. Maria spent hours on train to reach us to play violin in cold december days.All of them made it for free.
I will thank them forever because they made it real.

I am not a professional musician and I would hardly make a living on that. I’m not a working musician and my music technique lacks a lot…but music is a great passion, a world I haven’t finished to explore. Another passion of mine is video making.
After making a short movie, Vite Di Riserva, I published some performance videos of the So Called Sleeping Concert and a short fragment of video that I shot in 2013 has been chosen to be part of the movie “Italy In A Day” by Oscar Winner Gabriele Salvatores.

2004 – Vite Di Riserva – Self-producted video   SHORT FILM
2012 – Pigmento Music – The Grid Line   MUSIC
2013 – The So Called Sleeping Concert @ Porto Vecchio Festival    PERFORMANCE VIDEO
2014 – Italy In A Day – A very short fragment of a video that I shot in 2013 is part of collective movie by Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores “Italy In A Day”   FILM
2016 – Hans Solo – Trust, background vocals and vocals   MUSIC

Biography Stefano

Paradoxically my music path has started after leaving the classic clarinet classes when I was 11 years old. I was first inspired to learn to play the guitar at the age of fifteen after being inspired by the 60s music, then I continued my musical training by learning bass, self-taught. From 1993 onwards, after being involved in a unexpected improvisation jam on drums, I focused on this instrument.I joined some bands for a short time before joining Pensione Garibaldi in 1995 until 2000, writing music and lyrics of some tracks on the record “Cerco Spazio” released in 1999. Between 2002 and 2003 I joined the Doors tribute band “King Lizard And The Mushrooms“.

In 2004, my decision to concentrate more on guitar lead me to come across the reggae band Ziliota Roots. I started playing with them for some years culminating in the 2009 album, “Movement”, in which i was involved as author of some tracks.

Since 2005 I’ve been collaborating with Filippo as a multi-instrumentalist on arrangements, resulting in the project Pigmento Music. My latest project is Green Green Artichokes with Paul Fab.

Pensione Garibaldi – 1999 – Cerco Spazio
Ziliota Roots – 2009 – Movement
Pigmento Music – 2012 – The Grid Line
Green Green Artichokes – 2013 – Renaissance Songs
Green Green Artichokes – 2016 – Treasure Hunt