Openland Radio full interview. We were asked to talk a little bit about ourselves and our music. See the full interview!

Consider This 
is one of the oldest songs I composed and the only one that was not changed so much over the years. I remembered being obsessed with the music of the Red House Painters and wanted the lyrics to be as much confessional as I could. Song is actually aboung being in connection again with the world outside.

Let Me CryStefano wrote this song long time ago. Stefano: “this moving ballad’s lyrics were written by my best friend about 20 years ago. I composed the music to accompany the lyrics and then I recorded it with the band I was playing at the time. This song resulted in the first and only demo I did with this band. Recently Let Me Cry has been played live by Pigmento and Filippo contributed to the song arrangement.”

Factory And A City is a song by Stefano. Stefano: “I spent 10 of my best years working hard in a factory. This life’s experience affected so much my body and my soul. I found it hard to work it out and also the people I considered friends made me anxious. All this tension was brought to the song, in simple but determined words, pointing the finger at that city that did not offer anything for me”.

Allie was meant to be a travelling country rock song, following the paths of a friend of us visiting Australian continent. The song was brought by her to the famous Tamworth Country Music Festival, New South Wales, Australia. Third song taken from Openland Radio sessions is an unreleased song titled Allie, which doesn’t appear in the debut’s album “The Grid Line”. Stefano wrote the song and I wrote the lyrics. We wrote that song with the goal in mind to make it a perfect travel companion for a friend visiting Australia.

It Never Comes To An End is the second song played and filmed at Openland Radio sessions, a song about ever travelling wishful thinking.

Ciliegio is an instrumental song about the delicacy and the transience of cherry trees, my first childhood friends. Cherry trees (ciliegi in Italian) have always been part of my life and I am happy I grew up surrounded by very huge cherry trees planted almost 80 years ago by my grandfather. I spent my spring days with them, jumping, embracing, hurting them. They suddenly died, one by one, after some thunderstorms hitting the country few years ago. I like to think that they missed me and my sister playing with them, as we were growing old and almost forgetting about magic of spring.

Ciliegio is the First official video from Pigmento
Cherry trees are what I consider to be the start of the spring. I observe them since my childhood and I never get tired of them. Through this video I tried to tell their seasonal life, from flowers to fruits. I made it after shooting several moments between April and June.