• A Preface to Pigmento Music

    Hello everyone Welcome, I’m Filippo, the creator of the Pigmento Music project. Through this, I would like to make you envision my story as the creator of Pigmento Music. From my perspective, it’s just me, my music. It’s me being inspired by something

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  • EP: Resonate

    Ep | August 1 2020 | Resonate ep Two sides of Pigmento Music and Fien in two songs, two sketches before entering the studio, before letting other instruments into the songs. It’s an ode to our collaboration that we started 3 years ago, 3 years of shari

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  • Ep: Antonyms of Quarantine

    Ep | July 3 2020 | Antonyms of Quarantine ep I wrote 6 songs during the quarantine. Unlike many people I was lucky to have a big garden where I could play music and film some videos. I asked then Fien, Marta, The Nyc, and Antonio Noventa to help me fin

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  • Video and Single: Keep, Stay, Close, Away (feat. Fien)

    Video and Single | May 07 2020 | Keep, Stay, Close, Away (feat. Fien) A song and a video during the quarantine. Fien, Marta and me at a distance. Watch the video Support Pigmento Music. Support my music: get this single at the price of a coffee Keep, S

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  • Collaboration: The Glitch by Fien feat. Pigmento Music

    The Glitch is a song written by Fien and included on her debut’s Ep Into the Light. I’m so proud to be a part of this song and the album project, beautifully put together by my friend the great Fien. This was also my last visit to a music studio before

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Filippo Barizza

Acoustic music project lead by songwriter Filippo P. Barizza

Studio Albums:
2021 – Feliu (CD, album)

2019 – White Night Walks (CD, album)
2012 – The Grid Line (CD, album)

Eps, Singles, Live and Radio Sessions:
2020 – Resonate (ep)
2020 – Antonyms of Quarantine (ep)

2020 – Keep, Stay, Close, Away (single)
2019 – Was Everything Really in my Hands? [acoustic] (single)
2019 – Live a Villa Menini  (live album)
2019 – Live al Mondo che non Vedo (live album)
2018 – Come into View (CD, ep)
2015 – Openland Radio Sessions (radio sessions)

Collaborations (vocals):
2020 – The Glitch (Fien)

2016 – Trust (Grizzly Bird)

(Filippo’s photo by Fien)


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