• Are You Done with Angels? (true colours studio) (acoustic)

    “Are you Done with Angels?” came all at once after writing my first novel in Italian “Angeli a Berlino”. The novel was inspired by the song “When Angels Die”, written by the great Nikki Sudden. When I wrote it, I found out that Nikki Sudden lived a lot

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Filippo Barizza

Pigmento Music is the acoustic music project led by songwriter Filippo P. Barizza, who writes all the songs and is in charge of everything.
Filippo also loves to write. His short novel called Angeli a Berlino was published by Libero Marzetto Editore in late 2021. He is also fascinated by Cinema. One short clip he shot in 2013 was used in the final mosaic scene of the 2014 collective film Italy in Day by Gabriele Salvatores.

Studio Albums:
2022 – Feliu 

2019 – White Night Walks 
2012 – The Grid Line  

Eps, Live and Radio Sessions:
2021 – Are You Done With Angels?
2020 – Antonyms of Quarantine (ep)

2019 – Live a Villa Menini  (live album)
2019 – Live al Mondo che non Vedo (live album)
2019 – Resonate (ep)
2018 – Come into View (ep)
2015 – Openland Radio Sessions (ep)

2020 – The Glitch (Fien)

2016 – Trust (Grizzly Bird)

2021 – Angeli a Berlino (Libero Marzetto Editore)

(Filippo’s photo by Fien)


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