• It Never Comes to an End

    Line number 5: It Never Comes to an End “There was a time when I couldn’t help asking myself where you were going. you were always two steps ahead and I was always nearly stuck in the ground. Only that first time we met I felt like we were on the same

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  • Morning Flowers

    Morning Flowers “I used to take a stroll in the countryside. This was my daily walk, the same path, round trip. I smiled whenever I passed the cherry trees. I thought about the relief when I passed the century oak tree. I stared at the low waters besid

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  • Crafty Man

    Crafty Man “I could have danced all night. I could have had a brilliant career. I could have walked on water. I could have lived twice. If only I did come across him” The third line of the album is about fake motivational speakers and gurus and my fear

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  • Consider This

    Consider This “We used to talk for hours and hours about this. We discussed it everywhere, we reformulated the questions, and still, we could not understand. The spiral hurt people hurt people. But we end up understanding each other, my friend. Conside

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  • Ciliegio

    Ciliegio “As kids, we always spent our long Italian summers at your side. We ignored you during winter. We waited for you to bloom. We approached your camouflaged white in spring” The first line is an instrumental song that introduces the story of the

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Filippo Barizza

Acoustic music project lead by songwriter Filippo P. Barizza

Studio Albums:
2021 – Feliu (CD, album)

2019 – White Night Walks (CD, album)
2012 – The Grid Line (CD, album)

Eps, Singles, Live and Radio Sessions:
2020 – Resonate (ep)
2020 – Antonyms of Quarantine (ep)

2020 – Keep, Stay, Close, Away (single)
2019 – Was Everything Really in my Hands? [acoustic] (single)
2019 – Live a Villa Menini  (live album)
2019 – Live al Mondo che non Vedo (live album)
2018 – Come into View (CD, ep)
2015 – Openland Radio Sessions (radio sessions)

Collaborations (vocals):
2020 – The Glitch (Fien)

2016 – Trust (Grizzly Bird)

(Filippo’s photo by Fien)


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