• New Video: Ink on Calendars

    New Video | July 11 2019 | Ink on Calendars, feat. The Nyc and Michela Gamba @ Il Mondo che non Vedo, Padua This song is about patience. Almost nothing comes easy. Nyc and Michela Gamba joined me on stage. Video by Fabio Montecchio Watch the video on Y …

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  • New Album: Live al Mondo che non Vedo

    New Album | June 11 2019 | Live al Mondo che non Vedo Among the books. Il Mondo che non vedo is a bookshop café in the center of Padua. Books and coffee are not only book lover’s delight. There are also events, concerts, readings. Michela Gamba and Nyc …

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  • New Album: White Night Walks

    New Album | February 6 2019 | White Night Walks Whether love finds its way or not, it leaves you facing a long walk I chose this name to pay homage to Saint Petersburg and the White Nights, a clear reference of the short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky. 8 s …

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  • New Video: Morning Flowers

    New Video | December 22 2018 | Morning Flowers, Acoustic Session, feat. Fien Hieronymus @ Cava, Trieste This song has so many sources of inspiration. I wrote it after realizing that a flower could bloom after a long time buried in the ground. It always …

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  • New Ep: Come into View

    New Ep | December 1 2018 | Come into View ep A wonderful collaboration with Fien Hieronymus. Come into View is a starting point for both of us, after a long hiatus. Tracklist: 1. Come into View (featuring Fien Hieronymus) 2. Come into View (acoustic) ( …

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Filippo Barizza

I have been working on Pigmento Music songs for many years, since lost and long gone days of my youth, the nineties. Back in time, I see myself as a young guy frenetically writing and re-writing plots I had in mind.
It could be a song, a movie, a video, a letter. Everything I could write on a train, on a bus, at home. I still put pen to paper, whatever the purpose.
It still makes sense to me. Pigmento Music is the direct result of my efforts. I never could have made it without the help of all the people who believed in my music and my songwriting.

photo by Fien Hieronymus

2012 – The Grid Line (album)
2019 – White Night Walks (album)
2019 – Live al Mondo che non Vedo (live)

Singles & Eps:
2015 – Openland Radio Sessions (live ep)
2018 – Come into View (ep), feat. Fien Hieronymus
2019 – Was Everything Really in my Hands? (single), featuring Fien Hieronymus

2016 – Grizzly Bird/Hans Solo – Trust | I added background vocals and vocals

Other Stuff: Video
2004 – Vite Di Riserva – Self-produced (short film)
2014 – Italy In A Day – A very short fragment of a video that I shot in 2013 is part of the collective movie by Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores “Italy In A Day”  (film)



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