• New Album: Live a Villa Menini

    New Album | November 12 2019 | Live a Villa Menini .This concert was special for many reasons: Antonio Noventa played piano on stage for the first time in 20 years, Michela Gamba followed the waves of music and the Nyc peaked at maximum intensity.

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  • New Video and New Single: Was Everything Really in my Hands? (Acoustic)

    New Video and new Single | July 25 2019 | Was Everything Really in my Hands? (Acoustic) feat. Fien Hieronymus .It’s about guilt trips. It’s about facing situations when someone else is almost owning our feelings and making us feel guilty. It’s also a s …

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  • New Video: Ink on Calendars (Live al Mondo che non Vedo)

    New Video | July 11 2019 | Ink on Calendars, feat. The Nyc and Michela Gamba @ Il Mondo che non Vedo, Padua .This song is about patience. Almost nothing comes easy. Nyc and Michela Gamba joined me on stage. This version is included on the album Live al …

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  • New Album: Live al Mondo che non Vedo

    New Album | June 11 2019 | Live al Mondo che non Vedo  .Among the books. Il Mondo che non vedo is a bookshop café in the center of Padua. Books and coffee are not only book lover’s delight. There are also events, concerts, readings. Michela Gamba and N …

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  • New Album: White Night Walks

    New Album | February 6 2019 | White Night Walks  .Whether love finds its way or not, it leaves you facing a long walk I chose this name to pay homage to Saint Petersburg and the White Nights, a clear reference of the short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky. 8 …

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Filippo Barizza

I have been working on Pigmento Music songs for many years, since lost and long gone days of my youth, the nineties. Back in time, I see myself as a young guy frenetically writing and re-writing plots I had in mind.
It could be a song, a movie, a video, a letter. Everything I could write on a train, on a bus, at home. I still put pen to paper, whatever the purpose.
It still makes sense to me. Pigmento Music is the direct result of my efforts. I never could have made it without the help of all the people who believed in my music and my songwriting.

photo by Fien Hieronymus

2012 – The Grid Line (album)
2019 – White Night Walks (album)
2019 – Live al Mondo che non Vedo (live)
2019 – Live a Villa Menini (live)

Singles & Eps:
2015 – Openland Radio Sessions (live ep)
2018 – Come into View (ep), feat. Fien Hieronymus
2019 – Was Everything Really in my Hands? (single), featuring Fien Hieronymus

2016 – Grizzly Bird/Hans Solo – Trust | I added background vocals and vocals

Other Stuff: Video
2004 – Vite Di Riserva – Self-produced (short film)
2014 – Italy In A Day – A very short fragment of a video that I shot in 2013 is part of the collective movie by Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores “Italy In A Day”  (film)



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25 July 2019 | Single (Acoustic Session) | Digital-Only Release

11 June 2019 | Live Album al Mondo che non Vedo | Digital-Only Release

6 February 2019 | Album | Limited CD Release (Shipping Included)

18 November 2018 | Ep | Limited CD Release (Shipping Included)

Openland Radio Sessions
12 January 2015
Openland Radio Sessions is a live album, recorded at Openland Radio studios.
I performed 6 songs from my first record, the Grid Line.

1 July 2012 | Album | Limited CD Release (Shipping Included)


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