A Preface to Pigmento Music

pigmento music preface

Hello everyone

I’m Filippo, the creator of the Pigmento Music project.
Through this, I would like to make you envision my story as the creator of Pigmento Music.
From my perspective, it’s just me, my music. It’s me being inspired by something I have read or seen when I grab my acoustic guitar out of the stand and start playing. Turning my thoughts and visions into melody.
So here is a short Q & A of which I hope I’m able to introduce you me, myself and my music,
“What kind of music do I play?” – I would say mostly acoustic music.
Personally, I am not so fond of terms like “folk, new folk, indie folk” but I am open-minded enough, to realize that my music could fit into those categories.
Why am I doing this? To keep track of everything I did and to try to spread my word.
What are my musical rèferences? Though my musical references seem to be international,
I believe my music reflects the place in which it was created, so Italy most of all.
I won’t hide my origins because I simply can’t do that.
Like everyone I’m a citizen of this world, but I’m also part of the cultural narrative around me.
If you like my songs and you want to support, please buy the albums in physical or digital format on my website.
It’s the best way to support me.

Thank you very much and see you soon for the next episode, an introduction to Pigmento Music

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