A Preface to Pigmento Music

pigmento music preface

A Preface

I’m Filippo, the creator of the Pigmento Music project.
Through this, I would like to make you envision my story as the creator of Pigmento Music.
From my perspective, it’s just me, my music. It’s me being inspired by something I have read or seen when I grab my acoustic guitar out of the stand and start playing. Turning my thoughts and visions into melody.
So here is a short Q & A of which I hope I’m able to introduce you me, myself and my music,
What kind of music do I play?” – I would say mostly acoustic music.
Personally, I am not so fond of terms like “folk, new folk, indie folk” but I am open-minded enough, to realize that my music could fit into those categories.

Why am I doing this? To keep track of everything I did and to try to spread my word.
What are my musical references? Though my musical references seem to be international,
I believe my music reflects the place in which it was created, so Italy most of all.
I won’t hide my origins because I simply can’t do that.
Like everyone I’m a citizen of this world, but I’m also part of the cultural narrative around me.

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