Come into View Ep in 7 minutes

come into view ep in 7 minutes

In the late spring of 2018, I regained full control over my songs and my project.
I was still shocked about my life’s recent events, but I did not want to waste too much time anyway.
I had to adapt to an absolutely new situation. I could not access several hours of previous recordings I made,
but, thankfully I still had the master of the first album and the unmastered recordings of the Openland radio sessions.
As Pigmento Music is my project, my dream that I try to realize by writing the songs, the music, the lyrics,
I always own the recordings and consider myself as the one who is responsible for the costs that come with recording and mastering an album, the promotion, and the releases on CD.
To stay safe from bad surprises.
Having full control over my songs and project was a relief.
A new start in which it felt like being able to breathe again.
But like with most things there are always two sides of the same coin.
I borrowed equipment to record The Grid Line and the Openland Radio Sessions.
When everything collapsed, I was left on my own without collaborators and I could only rely on my old gear at home.
I started to work on my new songs at home, limited by my equipment.
It was natural, then, to ask for help from Franz, who mastered the first album in his studio.
I already recorded most of the guitar parts but the album would have been released only the year after.
I had only one track almost done, which was Come into View. This first version was recorded in 2017.
It was the first time I collaborated with Fien, a musician, songwriter, and singer from the Netherlands. We basically connected by loving the same style of music.
Sensing a kindred spirit, I wrote her to ask her if she could help me with the song
and she sent me vocals and ukulele parts.
Her parts were perfect but the rhythm part played by the other collaborator was done in a hurry and did not really sustain our interpretation.
Fien and I were so much on the same page, feeling committed to the song.
Unfortunately, he didn’t share that feeling at all, on the contrary.
I wasn’t satisfied with the result. It seemed like a soulless effort.
I wanted to give the song the spirit back that Fien and I created before he was involved.
So I asked her if she was willing and able to rework the song. Committed from the start to the end, that’s what we did.
The song was very important for me and I thought it would have been the best calling card for the new album.
I needed to make the best version possible of it.
At a certain moment, one of us came up with the idea of a studio EP featuring the song come into view.
That would have been the highlight of the second album.
Shortly after we decided to embark on the ambitious project of a video, spanning all over the summer.
While the album and the new version of the song were assembled by the alchemist Franz, Fien and I wrote a script and we started to shoot in May.
She took a plane from her homeland in Holland and we spent 2 days shooting in Cittadella and Venice.
We were lucky enough to find some decent light.
With us, a friend of Fien, Beppe, was extremely kind to help us using his cameras
In August, Fien came back to Italy to shoot other scenes.
We moved from my area to Trieste and Muggia.
There we had the idea to make a diary of the shooting days that we released every day in the autumn
on any social media, a sort of countdown for the song, the video, and the ep.
The diary was interrupted only by a solo gig I had in September, a wonderful night in which I played most of the new album.
Michela co staged in the end for the last track. A cat called Furto jumped on the stage during a song.
Several musicians would have played there but the cat jumped on the stage only with me.
He definitely appreciated my music!
At the end of the year, the studio EP anticipating the long-awaited second album of Pigmento Music came out.
Once again it was a self-release. No labels offered me to release the EP so I went on my own in the most independent way.
Fien and Beppe kindly helped me with the video for free.
The Ep comprised three songs: the single Come into View, the acoustic version of the same song,
and a wonderful acoustic version of the song Morning Flowers. All three tracks featured the collaboration of Fien.
The new album was on its way, planned soon after the release of this ep.