Crafty Man

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Crafty Man

“I could have danced all night.
I could have had a brilliant career.
I could have walked on water.
I could have lived twice.
If only I did come across him”

The third line of the album is about fake motivational speakers and gurus and my fear of becoming like them.
My first job interviews in the area were surreal.
There was a time when recruiters contacted fresh graduate guys like me to invite them to group interviews.
The recruiters were all top salesmen, huge egos, the most egotistical people you could ever meet.
Their purpose was to make you believe their way of living was the only successful one.
They also wanted you to find other people in order to make them become like them. They wanted you to be a Missionary of the Crafty Man.
You had to believe blindly in them and to sell yourself to reach the top and make money.
It looked like a weird hierarchical organization and I felt I could never fit into that kind of company’s structure.
When I wrote the lyrics I had the film Magnolia in mind.
Tom Cruise’s character, the motivational speaker Frank Mackey, was the perfect example of a crafty man.

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I haven’t raised my cup to drink
With you to your most wonderful tricks
But I don’t think about something to
Celebrate or lift my mood
And I’m distracted by someone shouting
On the screen, pretentious fortune tellers
The key to your success

Most of the time
And you could vote for them
Or mix up with the devil
And I ingested a fleeting sense of joy
Encapsulated like a toy
Go on playing on me
And next day I wake up like you

For not even trying
Well, maybe you were wrong with me
Is this what the destiny inflicted upon me?
And the size of my synapses
Help me realize
That I’m ready
To be cheated like everyone there
And I can’t stop the wave

So most of my time
Is spent believing you
To be true and honest
And I ingested a careful sense of joy
Encapsulated like a toy
Now that I see through you all
Through you all