Introduction to Pigmento Music

introduction to pigmento music

Introduction to Pigmento Music

Every memory I can recall has a sound, a song, a sonance.
That happens since the days of my childhood, back in the time when my father used to drive me to the Dolomites for the summer holidays.
Music was always on. I was listening to hours of jazz, classical music, and instrumentals in the car.
Mostly instrumental music. That’s why I love instrumentals so much.
Hours of gazing outside, seeing how the scenery changed from flatlands to the mountains.
It was in those moments that I thought I could write some pieces of music myself too.

I have been working on my songs for so long, since the lost and gone days of my youth.
Thousands of bands and songwriters inspired me: all the grunge bands, Red House Painters, R.E.M., Nick Cave, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey. I could go on forever.
They all inspired me to start writing lyrics.
The first lyrics were not even accompanied by music. At that time I could not even embrace a guitar. They were short lyrics, like haikus. Few unrhymed lines.

Back in Time

Back in time, I see myself as a young tireless guy writing, rewriting, cutting lines.
It could be for a song or for a letter or a little poem. I wrote so many letters that I never sent.
I trashed many of them, but I kept a few ones.
Lyrics from Consider This were actually part of a letter that I did not send.
At a given moment I begin to work it out on the acoustic guitar. I usually start from a few lyrics, then I grab the acoustic guitar and I play and play until I get that spark.
From this moment to the final stage of the release it becomes a collaborative task with many people whose help is invaluable.

Not everyone was being supportive

I would have never made it without the help of all the people who helped since the beginning.
Unfortunately, not everyone was being supportive by helping me in a constructive way.
Someone tried to damage me and my songs in a very subtle way for years, trying to make me give up.
And he went close to that, but his plans to destroy my self-confidence failed in 2018.
I will never quit music, even if no one cares, because it’s my strongest relief.
I am not a professional musician and I would hardly make a living out of that. But I’m here and I have a lot of people to thank.

I send my gratitude to:

I will be always grateful to Antonio and Nyc with whom I started this journey. We still make music together and I make sure they are on every album I make.
Michela for her tireless support and for choosing the name of the project.
Maria and, recently, Marta for their touch on violin and their kindness.
Hans for the collaboration we started in the most natural way.
Fien for being an active part of the project and for helping me with all the creativity tasks, the doubts, the question marks of doing what we both do.
Franz for mastering the first album The Grid Line and helping me with all the works after that.
Andrea for the great contribution playing bass.
Daniela and Eleonora for joining me on my birthday to complete a song from the second album.
And I want to mention Davide, Fabio, Nadja, Francesca, and other guys who are not musicians, but they sincerely helped this project grow.

Support Pigmento Music

Music has not finished with me yet. It’s a world I haven’t finished exploring.
Pigmento Music is my music project, it is the supportive asylum to rely on, in times of waiting, joy, sadness, disillusion, hope.

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