It Never Comes to an End

pigmento music it never comes to an end

Line number 5: It Never Comes to an End

“There was a time when I couldn’t help asking myself where you were going.
you were always two steps ahead and I was always nearly stuck in the ground.
Only that first time we met I felt like we were on the same line”

The fifth line of the album is about ever-traveling wishful thinking.
That kind of wish you can only accomplish through imagination.
Especially if you are not lucky to travel as you wish.
When I wrote the song the internet was starting to make its way to the users at home.
There wasn’t much information about traveling and sightseeing as we have nowadays.
You could only browse pictures of the places by turning pages of books, travel guides, magazines.
Due to the lack of pictures that could have given us a slight of idea how a foreign place would look like, there was not much left other than our imagination.
I remember I used to look at the same photos for months before seeing the places for real.
I was amazed by everything the first time I visited some places, like Florence, Rome, Ireland, Berlin, France.
I could recognize the places of the pictures and see them from other perspectives.
I could touch what I dreamt of for years in my room. And it seemed that it could never come to an end.
The song is also about renewing the promise of sharing life’s experiences and creating a sense quite beyond the capacity to imagine.


Before I end up
Leaving the lighthouse
I’ll come out to try
Sinking my fleets
Within call
Oh with doing that? All?
Or just waiting?
What move should I make?

I will hide traces
And swim back to the land
To that summer
When we first met
I’ve never asked you more than
This journey never comes
This journey never
Comes to an end

Longing for a piece of Irish shores
Berlin in meinem Kiez, erfüllt er mir?
Les fantômes en hiver restent ici

Share your smile, make this journey shine
Share your smile, make this journey shine
It never and it never comes to an end
It never and it never comes to an end
It never and it never comes to an end