Live at Villa Menini

Pigmento Music is the acoustic pop-rock project of Filippo Pagin Barizza (vocals and acoustic guitar).
Notable contributions on Pigmento Music: violinist Maria Robaey, pianist Antonio Noventa, bassist Andres Giacon, songwriters Fien Hieronymus and Grizzly Bird, art-rock band Landart, producer Davide Zaggia, singer Michela Gamba.

In 2012 Pigmento Music self-published The Gridline, the debut work.
In the spring of 2014, the song Consider This has been chosen as New Hit by the web radio Reset Radio.
In 2015 Pigmento Music released Openland Radio Sessions, featuring previously released tracks arranged for live concerts.
In the spring of 2016, Filippo started a collaboration with the Berlin-based musician Grizzly Bird. He added vocals to the track Trust.
In 2017 Filippo started a new collaboration with singer-songwriter Fien Hieronymus.
In 2018 Pigmento Music self-published Come into View ep featuring Fien Hieronymus.
In 2018 Pigmento Music self-published the album White Night Walks, featuring Fien, Maria, Antonio, Andrea, Michela, Franz, Davide, Daniela and Ele from Landart.

Invite Pigmento Music to play in whatever venue. I have already played among cherry trees and wine cellars, clubs and villas.