Villa Menini

I broke my hand in March, compound fracture was doctor’s verdict.
Plaster wrapping my hand before and after the operation at the hospital.
I spent three months without even touching the guitar.
When the medical team removed the plaster cast I finallt thought it was over but the pain did not leave me so easily.
After the summer it was time to react.
I had the chance to perform at Villa Menini. It was great.
My hand did work, no troubles. Everything was like before and even better.

  1. Mi Primer Viaje
  2. Torres Miradores
  3. Ink on Calendars
  4. Ellipse and Lines
  5. Consider This
  6. It Never Comes to an End
  7. Ciliegio
  8. Morning Flowers
  9. Crafty Man
  10. Sleepless