New Album: White Night Walks

New Album | February 6 2019 | White Night Walks

 .Whether love finds its way or not, it leaves you facing a long walk

I chose this name to pay homage to Saint Petersburg and the White Nights, a clear reference of the short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
8 songs, 8 chapters of a new book.

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Maria Robaey on violin
Fien Hieronymus on vocals and ukulele
Daniela dal Zotto on vocals
Eleonora dal Zotto on electric guitar
Michela Gamba on vocals
Antonio Noventa on piano
Andrea Giacon on bass
Franz Fabiano on programming

1. White Night Walks
The first chapter of a new musical journey called White Night Walks.
Same title for the first song of the album.
The song is ideally connected to the last track of my album The Grid Line.
Both are immersed in eternal nights awake, both feature the soundscapes of the violin by Maria Robaey.
I walked till I was tired. I stopped for a moment. Light on the other side of the river was so powerful I could not help but admire. And I could feel the life on the other bright side, the laughs and the music, the warmness.

2. Ink on Calendars
The second chapter of a new musical journey called White Night Walks.
It is about the importance of reading and how it can really push you far, save you from pitfalls and unloving.
If your heart is broken and needs direction, try to read escape route signs before you fall.
Keep the confidence, read the lines, find escape route signs before you face pitfalls and indifference.
Featuring Michela Gamba on vocals.

3. Hire and Fire
The third chapter is the longest song I have ever recorded (to date): more than 7 minutes in the limbo between my dreams and my fears.
Markets streams flowing with wage theft, precarity, unfair exploitation, overwork at constant rates.
You can only flow like a river.
The nervous song. Again, a song of mine with a job on the background. They make you feel you are unique and can’t be replaced. You are part of a great team.
Then suddenly you are out. Anxiety and isolation feelings are there with you. Small talks and platitudes. You were not meant to be irreplaceable.
Landart joined me for this trip.

4. Dear City, You Quickly Forget
The fourth chapter of the upcoming album White Night Walks is about feeling lonely in stimulating cities, wishing to lean towards each other like molecule men.
Ending up writing on another social messaging app, while the holes of the molecules are scattered and dispersed over the city.
When I wrote it I had a certain feeling in mind, that kind of loneliness you can feel when you are an expat in a new country, in a new big city. Even in overstimulated cities (one is in my mind but I will not mention which one), full of activities, possibilities, new friends or lovers, you can feel silence.
You attract us with promises of brightness, endless leisure, fulfilling life. We are waves in your sea. You don’t care about our feelings, you gave us connections, then it is up to us. Next up.

5. Was Everything Really in my Hands?
The fifth chapter of the upcoming album White Night Walks is about guilt trip.
A guilt tripping is a powerful tool in the hands of some manipulative people.
Pieces of you dropping down.
But are they really yours?
We all face situations when someone else is almost owning our feelings and making us feel guilty.
Guilt trippers can be good people, friends, lovers… They may not harm knowingly.
The point is that the guilt trips test us.
Stop being an easy mark or they will bite everytime you get involved.
Understand all the tactics.
Get your feelings back and pull the plug!
Featuring Michela Gamba on vocals.

6. Come into View
The sixth chapter of the upcoming album White Night Walks is also a song that has gone to a hell of a lot of trouble in the past two years.
Started with a collaborator who did not care much.
Ended up with the fantastic collaboration of Fien Hieronymus (vocals and ukulele). The piano was played by Antonio Noventa.
Check the video of the song.
Come into View is about the fundamental presences in our lives.
Those ones who barely touch us, who are in any case close.
The song is about shifting towards the awareness of being able to feel the presence of someone who may not be totally aligned but remain close no matter how messy it can be. Heraclitus said that
The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.
I say: we move on in an instant, we collect experiences, we change, but next to our close connections we still come into view.

7. Cosmic Roulette
The seventh chapter of the upcoming album White Night Walks is about the universe within us.
Increasing ego, self reference, selfishness. Why humans don’t understand that the universe is within us and we are great just like the smallest living being? .
How much ego do we have? Do we even know we have it? We simply believe we are big and important and all the other human beings less than us.
But our ego can be easily dismantled. We think we are in charge of everything, but we are not. bacterias and microbes are in charge.
So we are like all the other people and the universe is here, moving within us.
Thanks to Franz and Neil de Grasse Tyson.

8. Ellipse and Lines
The eighth and final chapter of the upcoming album is about the feeling you have when you realize you are living a moment that you know it will stay in your head forever.
Your memory will record it, you are sure of that.
Suddenly everything around you (the people rushing into the train station, the clouds in the sky, the wind in your face), everything looks like part of a great drawing you make.
The power of dreams can match ellipse and lines.
Thanks to Antonio Noventa and his piano
Open your eyes and draw the sky above you. Like in dreams.