New Album: White Night Walks

Big news: new album | Pre-order the cd | February 6 2019
White night walks will be the name of the album.
I chose this name to pay homage to Saint Petersburg and the White Nights, a clear reference of the short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Come into View featuring Fien Hieronymus will be in.
Ready to discover the other tracks?

1. White Night Walks

Whether love finds its way or not, it leaves you facing a long walk

The first chapter of a new musical journey called White Night Walks.
Same title for the first song of the album.
The song is ideally connected to the last track of my album The Grid Line.
Both are immersed in eternal nights awake, both feature the soundscapes of the violin by Maria Robaey.
I walked till I was tired.
I stopped for a moment.
Light on the other side of the river was so powerful I could not help but admire.
And I imagined the life on the bright side, the laughs, and the music, the warmness of the night.

2. Ink on Calendars

The second chapter of a new musical journey called White Night Walks.
The song number 2 will be named after my actual profile here, Ink on Calendars!
It is about the importance of reading and how it can really push you far, save you from pitfalls and unloving.
If your heart is broken and needs direction, try to read escape route signs before you fall.