New Ep: Come into View

New Ep | December 1 2018 | Come into View ep

A wonderful collaboration with Fien Hieronymus.
Come into View is a starting point for both of us, after a long hiatus.

1. Come into View (featuring Fien Hieronymus)
2. Come into View (acoustic) (featuring Fien Hieronymus)
3. Morning Flowers (acoustic) (featuring Fien Hieronymus)

Come into View is about shifting towards the awareness of being able to feel the presence of someone who may not be totally aligned but remain close no matter how messy it can be. Heraclitus said that
The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.
I say: we move on in an instant, we collect experiences, we change, but next to our close connections we still come into view.

Ep | CD – Limited Edition (Shipping Included)