Antonyms of Quarantine EP

03 July 2020. Antonyms of Quarantine is a studio ep, featuring instrumental songs (except for Keep, Stay, Close, Away).
It was recorded at our homes. Mix and mastering at Franz Suono by Franz Fabiano.

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I wrote 6 short songs during the quarantine.

5 instrumental songs and a short song featuring Fien’s lyrics and vocals.
I wrote these instrumental songs to keep morale up.
Like many of you, I tried to connect with music during self-isolation. Instead of living room concerts, I spent more time outside in the garden and asked a bunch of friends to help me finish my songs.
Last time I met two of them (Marta and the Nyc) was in February.
We were doing rehearsals for a concert that did not take place because of the coronavirus.
Hopefully, we play music together soon…that is something we altogether miss.
Quarantine is actually over in my area but the bad news is still coming from all over the world. Some friends of mine are nurses who are battling day by day against the virus.
My thoughts are with the people who lost their dears during this quarantine. I extend my thoughts to the people who still have their dears in the intensive care units. I hope they will go through this and they will come back home soon.


Each instrumental title is one rhyme of a sort of haiku. Here’s how to read the poem through the titles.
Quarantine Days
Seen From Far Away
Keep, Stay, Close, Away
May You Be Safe
Long Hours Have No Name
Facing Fate


Filippo – acoustic guitar, vocals, vibraphone
Fien – lyrics, piano and vocals
Marta – violin
The Nyc – acoustic guitar

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