Keep, Stay, Close, Away [feat. Fien] Single

8 May 2020. Keep, Stay, Close, Away is a single, recorded at home. It features Fien on vocals and piano and Marta Stella on the violin. Mix and mastering at Franz Suono by Franz Fabiano.

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I wrote this short song less than one month ago after marking 1 month in quarantine.

Like many of you, I tried to connect with music during self-isolation.
Instead of living room concerts, I spent more time outside in the garden writing new stuff.
From her home in the Netherlands, Fien added lyrics and piano.
Marta Stella added violin from a shorter distance.
Before starting the song, we were isolated spots in a map. After, we felt more connected and close than ever.


Filippo Barizza – guitar and vocals
Fien – lyrics, vocals, piano
Marta Stella – violin

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