Keep, Stay, Close, Away

Keep, Stay, Close, Away  

Keep, Stay, Close, Away is a single, recorded at home. It features Fien on vocals and piano and Marta Stella on the violin. Mix and master at Franz Suono by Franz Fabiano.

I wrote this short song less than one month ago after marking one month in quarantine. Like many of you, most of my life has been switched to online. I experienced some sense of isolation during the pandemic.
Even if I was staying in touch with my friends over quarantine through technology, social distancing was hard to bear.
As a result, I decided to connect with music during self-isolation and collaborate with my longtime friends.

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From her home in the Netherlands, Fien sent me lyrics and the piano part. She was experiencing the same life as me. She missed going to concerts and making music with people. I asked her to help me with this track and she sent me beautiful lyrics and a nice piano part.
Marta added violin from a shorter distance.
Before starting the song, we were isolated spots on a map.
After, we felt more connected and close than ever.
Keep, Stay, Close, Away is included on the ep Antonyms of Quarantine.


Filippo Barizza – guitar, vocals, bontempi B2
Fien – lyrics, vocals, piano
Marta Stella – violin
Francesco Franz Fabiano – mix and master

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