Resonate [feat. Fien] EP

Pigmento Music - Resonate EP

01 August 2020. Resonate is a studio ep, a collaborative ep between Pigmento Music and Fien.
It was recorded at our homes. Mix and mastering at Franz Suono by Franz Fabiano.

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Two friends, two musicians, two songs, two demos: one ode to the collaboration between Pigmento Music and Fien through the years. It started with Come into View, three years ago.

Come into View (demo) is the very first collaborative demo: only piano and two voices, an honest, raw sketch of what became the first original song in 6 years for Pigmento Music.

Ink on calendars (demo) differs from the studio version featured on the album White Night Walks. Fien takes it to her planet adding her distinctive vibe. It’s something showing f
irst unpolished emotions.


1. Come into View (demo)
2. Ink on Calendars (demo)


Filippo – acoustic guitar, vocals
Fien – vocals
Antonio Noventa – piano