Was Everything Really in my Hands (Acoustic) [feat. Fien] Single

25 July 2019. Was Everything Really in my Hands is an acoustic single, recorded at home. Mix and mastering at Franz Suono by Franz Fabiano. It features Fien on vocals.

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This song is about facing situations when someone else is almost owning our feelings and making us feel guilty.

It’s also a song about dealing with a passage of how’s, when’s and why’s in life.
This version has a totally different feeling than hearing the studio version (find it on the album White Night Walks). It’s slower and far more intimate.
Fien contributes her distinctive vocals on the song and her creative filmmaking on this video: her vision follows strictly the lyrics of the song. Every word has a visual meaning. This video shows her visual story.

Watch the Video

YouTube video


Filippo Barizza – vocals and guitar
Fien – vocals