pigmento music sleepless

Line number 7: Sleepless

One night I was walking back home thinking about my father.
He worked for more than 30 years at the same company.
He never missed a day of work.
He never spoke with ignorant job interviewers.
He has never been jobless.
And he never spent sleepless nights thinking about this.

The last line of the Grid Line is about a jobless feeling that I was experiencing after my graduation.
I often compare my world and the Internet years with the Post–World War II economic expansion era lived by my father.
My father began working at the peak of the 60’s Italian boom.
I began working instead at the beginning of a long series of economic crises.
Feeling ashamed of being unemployed for a period of my life made me sleepless.
There was no love in my nights, only a sense of anxiety.
I wanted to talk with my father about my feelings and the lyrics came easy.
Sleepless is one of my oldest songs.
I don’t remember exactly when I wrote it.
I’m not even sure if I wrote Consider This or Sleepless first.
Looking it up in my old notebook it seems they both were written in the same period of my life,
but I’m sure I lost a previous notebook where I kept track of everything.
The lyrics of Consider This remained untouched over the years. On the other hand, the lyrics of Sleepless changed several times.
This was part of my usual reworking process. I can write the lyrics a thousand times before I finish by writing the last word.
Sleepless is also the final track of the album and my first collaboration with my dear friend, the violinist Maria Robaey.
She did not need to practice the song that much, she already knew what to do.
She’s so versatile. She can play classical music, ethnic music, folk.
She has a unique and recognizable touch.
She was able to give the song a lullaby effect, while the song depicts a sleepless state of mind.


The morning comes
I just want to know
Why you’re lying here
You’re tired, you seem
Stuck in front of your big dreams
If only I could change the way that you feel
Son, don’t say that
You don’t belong to this land

But look
Look at me
Is it really worth the effort to live this
Too much of anything?
Don’t you see
That I lose my best time… Indeed
I spent years rising through the ranks
I see no point, no reply, well thanks
To be young in this land
It is not like water in the sand
It is not like water in the sand

Night slips away
Like the silence I hate
Night slips away
Like the silence I hate