pigmento music zenzero

Line number 6: Zenzero

“She kept her hand on the guinea pig’s heart to make sure it kept beating
A touching caress
A promise
A spark on the eyes”

The Grid Line is also populated by animals.
The second instrumental of the album is about Zenzero, a small guinea pig that is part of the inspiration behind the song Morning Flowers.
One of my best friends asked me if she could bring the poor body of Zenzero to my countryside to bury him there.
He would have been surrounded by nature, trees, green grass.
I remember her mother and her sister both very moved when they gave me that tiny box full of flowers where Zenzero was resting.
I also remember I dug deep enough. All the flowers were surely under the ground.
One day, the year after, while I was walking right there I noticed something in the ground.
It was late spring and the grass was starting to grow but my attention was caught by some flowers.
They were blooming exactly at the exact spot where Zenzero was buried.
From that day, every year, no matter what, Zenzero’s flowers bloom.
The flowers keep on surfacing from the ground.
Musically, this was the first time I used some virtual musician software.
Some extra effect was added to one of the acoustic guitars in order to make it sound like a strange violin.