Arcanoa Bar

… Arcanoa bar is a pretty nice place in vibrant Berlin, near Viktoria Park in the Kreuzberg Bezirk. I lived in the area almost 10 years ago and I felt very happy to get the opportunity to perform here, in my second home. What I liked most about Arcanoa bar was its non-stop schedule! It was approximately midnight on a Monday night when I came to the stage and played my songs. The bar was still full of people. Ellipse and Lines is a brand new song that I started playing in front of a crowd that day. Special mention to the excellent resident band who joined me, without knowing a single note.

Berlin recalls memories of one of the most significant moments of my life and I always dreamt to come back there to play my songs. I had the chance in 2013 at Arcanoa Bar. The video I edited mixes the footage from the performance filmed by Aphrodite and Alessandro with some videos I made during a Berlinotours bike tour around the city.

The video of Consider This was shot in Berlin at Arcanoa bar, featuring a resident band. Arcanoa bar in Berlin welcomed me as a guest on their traditional music night on Monday.  It was the summer of 2013 and I have wonderful memories of these days. I enjoyed so much cycling around the city with my dear friends Aphrodite and Alessandro. I met Grizzly Bird and we busked in a corner of Golgatha Bar in Kreuzberg. I reached and left the city by train which is quite an adventure, 10 hours of really slow travel.
The video mixes some moments I filmed in Berlin with the live performance.