• Grizzly Bird – It Never Comes to an End (Pigmento Music Cover)

    Last winter, as part of the crowdfunding for Grizzly Bird’s EP ‘Somewhere Between’, I asked Hans to cover any song by Pigmento Music. ‘It Never Comes to an End’ is now on YouTube: Grizzly Bird says on his social media platforms: “This song has always b

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  • Come into View Ep in 7 minutes

    In the late spring of 2018, I regained full control over my songs and my project. I was still shocked about my life’s recent events, but I did not want to waste too much time anyway. I had to adapt to an absolutely new situation. I could not access sev

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  • First Era Gigs 2012 – 2018

    The first era of Pigmento Music brought me so many countless good events. Nikki Sudden once said: “never give up on your dreams. They won’t give up on you”. One of my biggest dreams was to play a gig. I did several shows. Here are some of the best stor

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  • Openland Radio Sessions in 3 Minutes

    Chapter number 10: Openland Radio Sessions The Openland Radio Sessions EP is a compilation of recordings made during a web radio session back in 2015. 3 videos were taken from the performance and an interview was also filmed. If you want to know what P

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  • Sleepless

    Line number 7: Sleepless One night I was walking back home thinking about my father. He worked for more than 30 years at the same company. He never missed a day of work. He never spoke with ignorant job interviewers. He has never been jobless. And he n

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  • Zenzero

    Line number 6: Zenzero “She kept her hand on the guinea pig’s heart to make sure it kept beating A touching caress A promise A spark on the eyes” The Grid Line is also populated by animals. The second instrumental of the album is about Zenzero, a small

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  • It Never Comes to an End

    Line number 5: It Never Comes to an End “There was a time when I couldn’t help asking myself where you were going. you were always two steps ahead and I was always nearly stuck in the ground. Only that first time we met I felt like we were on the same

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  • Morning Flowers

    Morning Flowers “I used to take a stroll in the countryside. This was my daily walk, the same path, round trip. I smiled whenever I passed the cherry trees. I thought about the relief when I passed the century oak tree. I stared at the low waters besid

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  • Crafty Man

    Crafty Man “I could have danced all night. I could have had a brilliant career. I could have walked on water. I could have lived twice. If only I did come across him” The third line of the album is about fake motivational speakers and gurus and my fear

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  • Consider This

    Consider This “We used to talk for hours and hours about this. We discussed it everywhere, we reformulated the questions, and still, we could not understand. The spiral hurt people hurt people. But we end up understanding each other, my friend. Conside

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  • Ciliegio

    Ciliegio “As kids, we always spent our long Italian summers at your side. We ignored you during winter. We waited for you to bloom. We approached your camouflaged white in spring” The first line is an instrumental song that introduces the story of the

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  • The Grid Line in 5 Minutes

    The Grid Line in 5 Minutes Graticolato Romano The Grid Line is my debut work, kicking start the journey on Pigmento Music’s discography. It was a self-release, long delayed. Every song represents a line in an imaginary grid. 7 songs, 7 lines. Two squar

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  • Introduction to Pigmento Music

    Introduction to Pigmento Music Every memory I can recall has a sound, a song, a sonance. That happens since the days of my childhood, back in the time when my father used to drive me to the Dolomites for the summer holidays. Music was always on. I was

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  • A Preface to Pigmento Music

    A Preface I’m Filippo, the creator of the Pigmento Music project. Through this, I would like to make you envision my story as the creator of Pigmento Music. From my perspective, it’s just me, my music. It’s me being inspired by something I have read or

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  • Collaboration: The Glitch by Fien feat. Pigmento Music

    The Glitch is a song written by Fien and included on her debut’s Ep Into the Light. I’m so proud to be a part of this song and the album project, beautifully put together by my friend Fien. This was also my last visit to a music studio before the lockd

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  • Morning Flowers (Acoustic Session in Trieste) feat. Fien

    Pigmento Music Video: Morning Flowers (Acoustic Session in Trieste) Morning Flowers (Acoustic), feat. Fien@ Cava, Trieste This song has so many sources of inspiration. I wrote it after realizing that a flower could bloom after a long time buried in the

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  • Collaboration: Trust by Grizzly Bird feat. Pigmento Music

    Pigmento Music: Collaboration with Grizzly Bird  Grizzly Bird released his album “Head in the Air” in 2006 under the moniker Hans Solo. I added backing vocals to the track “Trust”, one of the beautiful songs included in this album. Please Support his m

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  • Support Pigmento Music

    If you like my songs and you want to support, please buy the albums in physical or digital format on my website. It’s the best way to support me. You find links on the description. Chapter number 2 is over. Thank you very much and see you soon for the

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  • Filippo Barizza: Italy In A Day

    Italy in a Day This is nothing about Pigmento Music however I want to share it with you. Oscar-winner Gabriele Salvatores started Italy In A Day in the fall of 2013, a collective film based on Life in a Day by Tony and Ridley Scott. Salvatores asked It

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Filippo Barizza

Pigmento Music is the acoustic music project led by songwriter Filippo P. Barizza, who writes all the songs and is in charge of everything. Filippo also loves to write. His short novel called Angeli a Berlino was published by Libero Marzetto Editore in late 2021. He is also fascinated by Cinema. One short clip he shot in 2013 was used in the final mosaic scene of the 2014 collective film Italy in Day by Gabriele Salvatores.

Studio Albums:
2022 – Feliu 

2019 – White Night Walks CD
2012 – The Grid Line  CD

Eps, Live and Radio Sessions:
2020 – Resonate (ep)
2020 – Antonyms of Quarantine (ep)

2019 – Live a Villa Menini  (live album)
2019 – Live al Mondo che non Vedo (live album)
2018 – Come into View (ep) CD
2015 – Openland Radio Sessions (ep)

Collaborations (vocals):
2020 – The Glitch (Fien)

2016 – Trust (Grizzly Bird)

2021 – Angeli a Berlino (Libero Marzetto Editore)

(Filippo’s photo by Fien)


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