Festambiente Venezia

Time to land in the small and charming island of Certosa, set in the beautiful scenery of Venetian Lagoon, for a concert.
There was the chance to play at Festambiente, first Legambiente’s International Festival of Ecology and Solidarity.
I want to personally thank Luigi to give me the chance to play there and Adriano who did a great job as a sound engineer.
There is also another person to thank, although I don’t remember his name!
He was the guy leading us by boat to the island. He was the guy sailing on the topo.

Topo (mouse) is called the boat meant for transporting domestic furniture, boxes, luggage, food and…instruments.
The topo leads to the isola della Certosa all the instruments and all the musicians of the festival (Pigmento Music, Miscellanea Beat, and the Hungarians jazz players). It was an unforgettable experience.

It was amazing to circumnavigate Venice to reach Certosa island.
I recalled reaching Venice Lido beach back when I was a child. I was always amazed by boats cutting through the water, horizon showing the island little by little, sunsets leaning peacefully upon Venice.

  1. Crafty Man
  2. Zenzero
  3. Morning Flowers
  4. Ciliegio
  5. It Never Comes to an End
  6. Consider This
  7. Mi Primer Viaje
  8. Ellipse and Lines
  9. Sleepless