Live a Villa Menini

Live a Villa Menini

Live a Villa Menini is a live album, recorded at Villa Menini.
It features songs from the first two studio albums: The Grid Line and White Night Walks plus some new songs.
This concert was special for many reasons: Antonio Noventa played the piano on stage for the first time in 20 years, Michela Gamba followed the waves of music and the Nyc peaked at maximum intensity.
At the moment in which the audience was mostly quiet, many thoughts raced through my head.
It was just before when the music started. Troubles, worries, and concerns were far away and my dear people were with me.

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1. Hire and Fire
2. Come into View (feat. Antonio Noventa)
3. Consider This (feat. Antonio Noventa & The Nyc)
4. Dear City, You Quickly Forget (feat. The Nyc)
5. Morning Flowers (feat. The Nyc)
6. Ellipse and Lines
7. Le Sentinelle
8. Torres Miradores
9. Sleepless (feat. The Nyc)
10. Ink on Calendars (feat. The Nyc & Michela Gamba)
11. Was Everything Really in my Hands? (feat. Michela Gamba)
12. It Never Comes to an End


Filippo Barizza: vocals and guitar
Antonio Noventa: piano
The Nyc: guitar
Michela Gamba: vocals
Francesco Franz Fabiano: mixing, mastering

Featured song: Consider This

Consider This is about feeling a connection with your inner being.
I wrote it for a dear friend of mine who was in one of those moments of disorientation.
This new live version features Antonio Noventa on piano and The Nyc on guitar.

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Featured song: Come into View

When Antonio Noventa reached me on stage I thought about the last time we shared a live act.
It was nearly 20 years ago and back then my project was called the Greensells, after a book chapter.
20 years ago.
But we never really parted away.
We kept being friends and make music together.
He is responsible for the beautiful piano on Consider This, included in my album The Grid Line and also for the latest songs of mine: Ellipse and Lines and the one that we did in a duo that night of the concert at Villa Menini: Come into View.
As he is very busy we did not have much rehearsal time.
That was totally spontaneous and I am very glad he joined me that night. And here we are, we are coming into view.

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