Live al Mondo che non Vedo

Live al Mondo che non Vedo

Live al Mondo che non Vedo is a live album, recorded at the same-named bookshop café, located right in the centre of Padua.
Books and coffee are not only a book lover’s delight. There are also events, concerts, and readings.
Michela Gamba and The Nyc joined me on stage for a special night.
This live album features songs from my first two albums: The Grid Line and White Night Walks, plus a new one, Le Sentinelle.

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Photo Cover by Fabio Montecchio


1. Ellipse and Lines
2. Hire and Fire
3. Consider This (with the Nyc)
4. Dear City, You Quickly Forget (with the Nyc)
5. Ink on Calendars (with the Nyc and Michela Gamba)
6. Come into View
7. Was Everything really in my Hands (with Michela Gamba)
8. Morning Flowers (with the Nyc)
9. Le Sentinelle 
10. Sleepless


Filippo Barizza – vocals and guitar
The Nyc – guitar
Michela Gamba – vocals
Francesco Franz Fabiano – mixing and mastering
Fabio Montecchio – video and photo

Featured Song and Video: Ink on Calendars

Ink on Calendars is a song is about patience. It is also about the importance of reading and how it can really push you far, save you from pitfalls and unloving.
If your heart is broken and needs direction, try to read escape route signs before you fall.
The studio version of the song is included on the album White Night Walks.

Video by Fabio Montecchio

YouTube video